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Nothing is more important in life than your health. That is why our physicians and staff place the highest priority on how we care for our patients. We call it "individualized care". From newborns to seniors and everyone in between, we take the time to listen and truly understand your unique needs. Your health care should be personalized, because every person is unique. It is a philosophy our medical professionals have been practicing since 1932. This is what you can expect as a patient at Broadway Medical Clinic.


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Children's Health Foundation
Summer vacation beckons our kids with long hot days, popsicles, and relaxation. Though it’s important for kids to get a well-deserved break from their hectic and busy schedules, it is also just as important for them to stay active. Research has shown kids can gain weight 2-3× faster over summer vacation than during the school year.

A newsletter from your Pediatrician and the Children's Health Foundation.

Flu Vaccines
We only have flu vaccine for under 3yr and over 65 yr age groups at this time.
Please call scheduling for an appointment.

New Electronic Medical Record - NextGen
On August 15th, Broadway Medical Clinic implemented the first phase of its world class electronic medical record NextGen. With the new software, Broadway Medical Clinic will soon be able to communicate with you regarding your health online. We will offer online appointment scheduling, online payments, secure messaging, and secure online medical records.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
Beginning January 1, 2011, Medicare covers an "Annual Wellness Visit". Medicare will pay the full amount, meaning you do not have to pay the typical 20 percent co-payment or anything toward your deductible. The Annual Wellness Visit is not the same thing as what many people often refer to as their yearly physical exam. Medicare is very specific about what the Annual Wellness Visit includes and excludes.

During this visit, your physician will talk to you about your medical history, review your risk factors, and make a personalized prevention plan to keep you healthy. The visit does not include a hands-on exam or any testing that your physician may recommend. You may schedule another visit to address those issues. If you would like to schedule a yearly physical, including lab work or other diagnostic testing, please understand that these services will be charged and covered according to Medicare's usual coverage guidelines.

We appreciate the trust you put in us to take care of your health care needs and hope that you will take advantage of this new benefit to work with your physician in creating your personalized prevention plan.

Please fill out the Annual Wellness Visit Form found in our Resources tab and be sure to bring it in when you arrive for your appointment.

For more information about this and other benefits of the Affordable Care Act, check out this website

Pediatric Online Resource
Questions about your child's health? Check out the American Academy of Pediatrics "Healthy Children" web site. This site has information on wellness, illness, development, and safety as well as the handy "KidsDoc Symptom Checker" for families. Our Pediatricians highly recommend this site.

Health Information Resource
Questions about your medical condition? Want to better understand management and treatment options, and have a better dialogue with health care providers? Check our UpToDate patient portal. This is the same site our physicians consult when managing your care.

"I've been a patient of Broadway Medical Clinic for over 50 years. Needless to say, I trust the healthcare advice I receive."

– Katherine Smith

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