Carol Stampfer

Carol Stampfer


Life throws us curve balls. If we can’t adjust its going to get tough pretty fast. My practice is built on the belief that humans can change in response to new circumstances and that change can be for the better. Sometimes this means using resources that we’ve had all along and sometimes it means developing new skills and new neuropathways!

Sometimes it feels like we get stuck in a rut but our neuropathways are malleable. The medical term for this is neuroplasticity, and it is worth looking up on Google!

I am particularly interested in a holistic approach to my patients. If they can help me to understand their own lives I can help determine what changes will be most beneficial. We work together to determine medication or other resources that can make their lives more meaningful, rewarding - more fun. We all need to create a balance for ourselves and sometimes that may mean medication or coaching or therapy or a different job or meditating or exercise.

Personally I try to eat well, laugh a lot, spend time with my self, my family, my friends and my pets. I find enjoyment in my work daily.

It is a great day when I have been able to make a difference for the better in a person’s life. It is even better if I have been able to do so by applying a new skill or piece of information that I have been able to incorporate into my practice.

I am excited to learn more about epigenetics, the study of how our genes change throughout our lifetime. This new area of research supports some of my own philosophy that we CAN change. Now to figure out how to change for the better!

I am an outdoors person - in the winter that means snow sports and Zumba and in the summer that means water sports and hiking and gardening. I also volunteer to help the elderly.


Mental Health, Family Practice

O.H.S.U., Yale School of Nursing

Provider at BMC since 2014

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