Grace Jazrawi

I am honored to become part of the Broadway Medical Clinic, a partnership of cooperation and teamwork that is focused on achieving the common goal of optimum patient centered care. I am looking forward to working with all of the talented physicians, nurses and employees of this practice and serving the patient community.


Starting as a physician at Broadway Medical Clinic marks the beginning of a new adventure for me as I make the transition from life on the east coast to the west. I was recently married to a fellow Portland physician and am excited to join this community. I am a native of New Jersey where I also received my residency training at UMDNJ in city of Newark, which gave me a broad exposure to medical care, including wounds of the inner city, care of veterans and also that of suburban residents. I have developed a love for community clinic care in the setting of welcoming private practices, run by selfless teams of physicians, which I found at Broadway Medical Clinic.

My desire to become a primary care physician stemmed from my experience with international medical missions. After my first trip to the Amazons of Brazil, I returned knowing that I wanted to treat each patient as a whole and complete person. I knew internal medicine would give me this opportunity. I continued work in Mexico and Ghana, Africa during my medical training and look forward to continuing this much needed effort. I have always defined the practice of medicine as a call to service.

My practice of medicine is centered on developing a relationship of trust between doctor and patient, one in which all aspects of the patient’s care can be discussed, respected and addressed. Preventative medicine and patient education are intricate parts of my practice as I work with each individual to assume a large role in their own care with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Personally I enjoy listening to music, especially classical, running and traveling. As a previous soccer player in my earlier years, I am quickly becoming an avid Thorns and Timbers fan.


Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University

Rutgers University, Douglass College

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