Kristan Collins

Kristan Collins


One of my life’s passions is pediatrics. I discovered this passion in medical school while caring for children with cancer. The boundless hope and joy shared by children through their adversity was inspiring. Every time I see the sparkle in a child’s eye I’m reminded of that inspiration so may years ago.

I have carried this passion to my practice at Broadway Medical Clinic where I care for young people of all ages. Watching children grow from precious newborns to confident young adults is a treasured gift. I most enjoy working collaboratively with patients and families and strive to be an advocate for their health. Additionally, I have completed specialized training in adolescent medicine and am comfortable managing those “thorny” teenage issues.

I am board certified in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. I am excited by opportunities to improve children’s health care and enjoy my involvement with regional professional pediatric organizations and teaching at OHSU.


Baylor College of Medicine

Board Certification since 1995

Physician at BMC since 1991

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