Luis Valls

Luis Valls

Broadway Medical Clinic is financially independent and owes no one hospital or insurance entity it’s allegiance. We therefore can make decisions on patient care based on the person and their specific needs, not on what an outside force requires us to do. I am proud of the long clinical history of Broadway Medical Clinic, it’s dedication to quality, and it’s tradition of putting patients first.


I believe a healthy lifestyle is the best preventative medicine: regular exercise, good nutrition, and avoidance of bad habits increase the individual’s ability to positively impact health and well-being. I stress personal responsibility for preventable and treatable conditions and offer rational treatment of problems not within our control.

My special niches are preventative medicine, travel medicine, and sports medicine/trauma/injuries.

I get great satisfaction from seeing my patients age gracefully and in good health, knowing them well, their families and their place in the community, their hopes and aspirations.

I spent 6 years earning a PhD in Molecular Biology, which was more difficult and less pleasurable than medical school and residency. However, it gave me the opportunity to publish research in many journals and to understand the basis on which medical progress is founded.

I enjoy skiing with my family, ski mountaineering, bicycling (including road racing, long-distance riding, and touring), and am an avid listener of all types of music. I love to cook and make bread for my family twice weekly.

I feel lucky to be practicing medicine at an exciting and rapidly developing time in our history and try every day to make a difference in the lives of my patients.


University of Miami School of Medicine (MD),
University of Oregon Doctorate in Cellular Molecular Biology

Board Certification since 1993

Physician at BMC since 1997

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