Neisha Caldwell

It is highly probable you have a specific issue in mind as you search for a therapist. When personal issues and ongoing difficulties intensify or linger, they can lead to symptoms that interfere with your quality of life and sense of well-being. Each individual attempts to deal with different experiences and ambitions throughout their life. Sometimes these dynamics clash, leaving one feeling disconnected, confused, overwhelmed, and conflicted. Many people feel unhappy for reasons they can’t identify, and often have a vague sense of missing out, or feeling stuck. Whatever brings you to therapy, I firmly believe in your own innate wisdom and ability to grow and heal. Making the decision to begin therapy will have a positive effect on your life and lay the foundation for continued lifelong learning.

I realize the difficulty in talking about illness, stress, unsettling or painful subjects, especially if you are that one person to whom others have turned for support. Seeking help and support is an act of strength, courage, and vulnerability, and I will meet you where you are with acceptance and understanding to co-create a comfortable experience while facilitating an honest reflection of your ideas, needs and values. In this way you will make the connection between your present struggles and formative influences, including significant relationships, family dynamics, and individual identity, thereby eliminating the barriers to living your life to the fullest.

I operate through the framework that one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being are in constant communication in one’s everyday life. My aim is to become respectfully attuned to your unique needs and strengths by providing insight, support, education, and interaction, which honor and promote your therapy as an opportunity to foster trust and safety. We will form a strong partnership to help you explore your thoughts and feelings, work toward embracing your individuality, recover from the pain of the past, and achieve identified current goals to build healthier and more sustainable connections.


As an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I have worked for the last six years primarily with adult clients from all walks of life. In the therapy setting, I join with you to listen, understand, and support the growth of a mutually respectful relationship between us, based on the theory that people heal in the context of relationships. Being relational/body-centered, my practice is based on the perspective that the mind and body function most effectively together when guided to do so. Therapy is the process through which you rediscover your authentic self, utilize your inherent strengths, and develop strategies to work through life’s many challenges.

I provide effective treatment to help you identify the complex issues in your life, including; depression, anxiety, recognizing and coming to terms with limitations, adjusting to transitions, traumatic events, managing physical pain, shame and guilt, self-judgment, grief/loss, emotion regulation, problematic thinking patterns/emotional disturbances, self-harm/suicidal thoughts, codependency, or addictive behaviors.

My therapeutic style is characteristically accepting, non-judgmental, and empathic. I create an environment of safety so you and I can forge an alliance aimed toward deeper understanding, greater self-awareness, freedom of choice, and self-acceptance using the concepts of empowerment, mindfulness, and compassion-focused treatment.

My work combines the evidence-based practices of intensive specialized training I have received in both CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy). I use both CBT and DBT interventions and relational approaches to assist you in understanding how your thoughts, emotions, choices, behaviors and resulting consequences all influence one another and how the resolution of deeper-rooted emotional problems will bring about the inner peace you seek.

Outside of work I enjoy yoga, thrifting/repurposing, acupuncture, traveling, attending conferences, and spending time with family and friends.


Master of Science, Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Portland State University

Bachelor of Science, Social Science
Portland State University

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