Protect Yourself from Hazardous Air Quality

Late-summer wildfires have wreaked havoc across the Northwest with smoke and ash blanketing much of Oregon. Hazardous air quality can cause breathing difficulties, headaches, and other serious health concerns.

If you see or smell smoke outside, you should stay inside and avoid outdoor activities. Here are other important ways to keep yourself healthy and safe:

Know the Risks

If you have heart or lung disease, you are at a higher risk for smoke-related health problems. Children are also at a higher risk and should remain inside as often as possible.

Visit Oregon Air Quality for your community. If an Air Quality Index reading is not available for your area, use the 5-3-1 Index to estimate air quality.

Stay Indoors When Possible

Stay inside your home as often as possible, with your windows and doors closed.

Set your air conditioning to recycle or recirculate to limit smoke exposure.

Avoid sources of smoke and dust—like cooking foods that create smoke, vacuuming your home, or burning wood stoves.

Stay Safe While Driving

Set your vehicle’s air conditioning system to recirculate air, and keep your vehicle’s windows rolled up whenever possible.

Wear a Mask

Different types of face coverings offer various levels of protection against smoke and unhealthy air.

N95 and P100 masks can help adults outdoors. Cloth face coverings do little to protect against smoke.

We are monitoring the fires and air quality around Portland—and continue to keep the safety of our patients and staff members top of mind. Visit our website for the latest updates on clinic closures, modified operations, and other recommendations for staying safe.

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