Our pediatricians receive certification from the American Board of Pediatrics. They provide outstanding care and serve as primary care providers for our younger patients. They offer the expertise to perform “well-baby” checks, give sports physicals, provide immunizations and behavioral health, analyze complex diagnostic issues, and treat chronic illnesses for children and adolescents. No two families are alike. At the Broadway Medical Clinic we respect and celebrate those differences. As Pediatricians we are committed to providing the highest quality health care, combining medical science, preventative measures, experience and common sense. We strive to know you individually to be able to tailor our advice and treatment to meet your family's needs. We look forward to working with you toward a common goal: a happy, healthy family.

Internal Medicine

Our internists serve as primary care providers for adults. Their practices focus on disease prevention, diagnostics, and chronic illnesses. In addition, patients receive routine health screenings including annual female exams, physicals, and care for acute and chronic illnesses. We believe a healthy lifestyle is the best preventative medicine: regular exercise, good nutrition, and avoidance of bad habits increase the individual's ability to positively impact health and well being. We stress personal responsibility for preventable and treatable conditions and offer rational treatment of problems not within our control.


Our dermatologists specialize in treatment for skin diseases and conditions. Their mission is to help patients keep their skin healthy, comfortable and looking great. This requires a joint effort between us. We strive to listen to people’s concerns and address them in a way that is realistic and successful. Some problems have “quick-fixes”, but we welcome the challenge of searching for innovative therapies when the conventional treatment is not enough. It is also a goal to help educate referring physicians and the next generation of physicians in the dermatology field, so that they can treat their patients more effectively. While our primary focus is medical and surgical dermatology, we also offer a number of cosmetic procedures.

Behavioral Health

Emotional well-being is an important part of overall health. Broadway Medical Clinic offers mental health counseling and medication therapy management for most behavioral health concerns. We offer counseling services to both adults and children. Our licensed Behavioral Health Specialists assist with childhood transitions and behavior issues, depression, relationship challenges, problems coping with work, school or home life and other issues causing emotional hardship. Our services are delivered in a safe and supportive environment and are individually tailored for each patient.

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