Kids Health for Sports Season

How to keep kids safe and healthy during sports season As Spring begins, more sports teams will be starting practice. Athletics can have an incredibly positive impact on kids and young adults, not just physically, but emotionally and socially, as well. Joining a sports team also means learning about safety and how to participate without … Continue reading Kids Health for Sports Season


Teen Summer Challenge

Planet Fitness is holding the “Teen Summer Challenge” that will allow 15- to 18-year-olds to work out for free from May 15 through September 1. The company will also offer classes all summer long specifically geared toward teens so they’ll be able to safely get into great shape. Signing up is easy. At their first … Continue reading Teen Summer Challenge


Children’s Health Foundation

The Children’s Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with your Pediatrician to develop quality health care programs in our community. We work together to foster the highest quality care for children, to raise awareness on health issues, and to achieve better children’s health outcomes. Here are a few resources for parents. The Spring … Continue reading Children’s Health Foundation