Building Your Child’s Support System

You may have heard that it “takes a village” to raise a child, but it’s also true that kids need a village of support around them. Parents and guardians are often a young person’s primary support source, but your pediatrician should also be invested and involved in your child’s wellness.

Since 1932, Broadway Medical Clinic has cared for kids and young adults as they grow and thrive. Annual wellness visits are important, but the Broadway difference goes well beyond routine check-ups.

Dr. George Bengtson, 28-year pediatrician, describes how he and other Broadway physicians build meaningful, long-standing relationships with patients and families; some pediatricians even caring for the same patient from childhood into adulthood.

Q. How can your pediatrician support you and your child?

Dr. Bengtson: “Primary care pediatricians have a job that goes way beyond sprained ankles, sore throats and sports physicals. We have a duty to promote every aspect of the wellness of young people and their parents by helping them as a trusted partner who can navigate the hoops and cut through the noise. Parents know their children, and pediatricians know where the potholes and land mines are.”

Q. How does Broadway support kids and families?

Dr. Bengtson: “At Broadway, each pediatrician is paired with a nurse and medical assistant who work together with that doctor over a sustained time. When a parent calls with a question about an illness, they often ask for the nurse by name, because that nurse is a trusted partner just like the doctor is. When an adolescent patient calls because they need support, they know that they have access to someone familiar, whom they trust.

Q. What’s important about a child’s Annual Wellness visit?

Dr. Bengtson: “A physical exam and updated vaccinations are common at these visits. Kids also have an opportunity to talk privately with a Broadway physician about any health topic they’re concerned about from sleep and nutrition to peer pressure or bullying.

The most important thing that I do at every adolescent Annual Wellness Visit is to make sure that the patient has the Broadway Medical Clinic phone number in their cell phone, and that they know we’ll keep the light on for them and be waiting when they need us.”

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