I love being the most recent doc in a line that for a Broadway Medical Clinic patient may stretch back to the 1930s. It is an honor to care for patients who have placed their trust in the clinic over an entire lifetime.


Recently a patient described how the living room of Dr Green’s house compared with the front waiting room of Broadway Medical Clinic; there was a fireplace where the check-in area now is.

I enjoy coming in every day - you can’t beat working in an environment where promoting the best interests of the patient is the foundation of our success.

I believe in helping patients get more out of life, whether it's through encouraging better health, sharing an understanding of an illness, or simply building a rapport to draw from in the future.

I'm interested in both medicine and technology. I started programming software to replace the paper chart when the Mac Plus came along in 1988; I am now on my19th laptop! Twenty years ago I considered changing careers but I am very happy I chose to stay on the patient side of medicine.

I like providing patients with tools and insight to tackle health issues, and finding a pathway that helps solve a diagnostic challenge is rewarding whether the problem is big or small. I've learned that helping a patient successfully tackle a tough medical issue is the best way to learn what you don't know.

Genome sequencing is a medical trend that is compelling, but if everyone's is sequenced, the stress of knowing what's coming might be more than we were built to handle.

In 2003 I crewed on Lizza Forte in the Ecker Cup, a race across the Mediterranean. In spite of enduring a lot of flack as the only wooden boat among the ninety entrants, we finished first in class! Dry champagne never tasted so sweet! Lizza is tough, built for really heavy weather, just like my patients!

Finally, "Skiing is the best! We are lucky!" Nic Fiore, Badger Pass, 1954.


Baylor College of Medicine

Board Certification since 1984

Physician at BMC since 1985

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