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The BEST part of my day is helping people understand why I am doing what I do for them.


The practice of medicine is a dialogue between the patient, often including loved ones, and me. Medical literature changes what we know; I believe that keeping current on the medical literature and evidence-based "Best Practices" is a terrific place to start this dialogue. From there we can fine tune the patient's care plan and health and fitness goals.

Within my practice I care for blood pressure, endocrine issues like diabetes and thyroid problems, aches, pains and strains, as well as infections and illness.

More important to me is living a healthy and healing lifestyle, something I emphasize and try to model on a day to day basis. Do you have an article that is important to your health? Bring it to your appointment so we can talk about it!

At home I enjoy bicycling and yoga, and running around with my children.


Education: Des Moines University

Board Certification since 2003

Physician at BMC since 2007

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