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My practice at the Broadway Medical Clinic gives me the opportunity of getting to know patients and knowing them well. It’s the best kind of medicine, establishing a long-term relationship with patients. Our clinic is also in a great place – we enjoy being a part of the local neighborhood and the Hollywood District. The Clinic has a great history. I even have a family legacy at Broadway Medical Clinic – my father was a patient here when he was a young child.


In my practice I am able to do so much with modern medicine. Helping people take advantage of that is very satisfying. So many health concerns can be solved by simple things. It is rewarding to help my patients find that path.

General internal medicine - the overall healthcare of each patient, as well as women’s’ health and the specific study of headaches are areas of special interest to me.

I stay enthusiastic about medicine by being able to help patients. When someone comes in with a medical problem, it is often like a puzzle. Gathering information to find the answers and to find the right diagnosis and treatment. Then, finding the best way to convey the information to the patient so they understand what is happening - these are the challenges that make my job both enjoyable and meaningful.

There have been rapid advances in the many disciplines of medicine with the potential to help patients, and I enjoy learning and implementing new treatments and current recommendations for care.

My biggest non-medical accomplishments are easy to describe - my children. I enjoy all kinds of activities with them and I get to watch and support their accomplishments. I also enjoy exercise, attending events, creative arts, homemaking, reading, neighborhood organizations, gardening, camping, and traveling.


The Medical College of Pennsylvania

Board Certification since 1996

Physician at BMC since 1996

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