Life isn’t easy and sometimes it is really hard. Clients often feel that they “should” be able to solve their own problems—managing the stress and pain of life events and of just living. I disagree. No one really enjoys suffering and being robbed of joy and peace of mind. Trust me: if you could be effective as your own therapist, you would have solved your problems a long time ago. People don’t need to be in therapy forever; they want to get on with living in functional, healthy ways. It is my job to offer you the practical skills for beginning or returning to the life that you desire. It is my goal to learn enough about you as a person and your life to offer you the tools to effectively manage stress and pain—with the ultimate goal of creating a life that is joyful and guided by your own values and dreams.


I am a proud Portland native and lifelong resident of Northeast Portland. I have been licensed as Psychologist by the State of Oregon since 1995 and have practiced psychotherapy with individuals, families and groups ever since.

In my non-therapy time, my favorite things are spending time with friends and family, walking, reading, and catching up on the latest, best thing on Netflix!


Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) 1994
Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Master of Science (MS) 1992
Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Bachelor of Science (BS) 1989
Portland State University, Portland, OR

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