I love working in a practice that provides exceptional care for the whole family in a neighborly setting. We are large enough to offer a wide range of services, yet small enough that I know the employees by name.


Building relationships with children and their families is my top priority. I strive to empower families with compassionate recommendations for physical and emotional health.

Meeting an infant for the first time in the hospital and caring for them through high school is an honor and a joy.

When parents tell me their kids are excited to come to the office, I know I've done my job well. It's my challenge everyday to engage kids in their own healthcare and create a positive experience. I want all of my patients to grow up remembering that a trip to the doctor is a safe and comfortable experience - and can even be fun!

In my non-work time (I don't dare call it "free!") I love spending time with my husband and kids. They have provided me so much hands-on experience to compliment my medical training! We like to grow things in the garden, cook together, and eat.

I was a patient at Broadway Medical Clinic myself as a child, I found out after I began working here. My life was meant to come full circle!


University of Arizona College of Medicine
Board Certification since 2007
Physician at BMC since 2008
Top 3 Pediatricians of Portland

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