Resources for talking with your kids about race and racism

The recent killings of Black Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have sparked a national reckoning about race and racism in America.

This has many parents and caregivers — including many Broadway families — wondering how best to tackle these topics with their kids:

How early should these conversations begin?

How much should children be exposed to?

Is it enough to expose kids to diverse characters in books and media or should caregivers be going beyond that to address the topic of racism directly?

Talking about race, although hard, is necessary.

We’ve compiled a round-up of age-appropriate resources to help answer some of your questions and to equip you with books and other materials to begin introducing these topics:

  • This website via the National Museum of African American History and Culture provides tools and guidance to inspire conversation.
  • Unicef has put together this resource for parents which breaks down recommendations by age.
  • NPR shares these helpful tips for talking about race with young children, including the importance of taking a proactive approach.

Diversify your media. Point out racism in books and movies when you see it.

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